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India proposes to expand research, tourism in the Arctic

Arctic PolicyApprox Read Time: 5 min In News: India has released a new draft Arctic policy titled ‘Roadmap for Sustainable Engagement’ that focuses on enhancing India’s engagement with the region.The implementation of the policy will involve all stakeholders including academia, research community, business and industry. Arctic: The Arctic is commonly understood to refer to the region above the Arctic Circle, north of latitude 66° 34’ N, which includes the Arctic Ocean with the North…


How biofuels can double farm incomes

Advantages of biofuels for farmersApprox Read Time: 5 min Advantages of biofuels for farmers India's per-capita energy consumption is low:  India currently consumes only one-third of the global average consumption of energy. Increased consumption will come with new challenges: As India moves towards more robust energy consumption figures, the country faces the unique challenge of merging together often-conflicting needs:Addressing a fast increasing demand while cutting dependence on importsGreening the grid…


Fight against pollution: India set to achieve Paris targets

Fight against pollutionApprox Read Time: 4 min India and Paris Agreement: The Paris agreement that India signed in 2015, was India’s inflexion point (moment of dramatic change) in its fight against pollution.Specifically, under the Paris agreement, India committed to meet three targets by 2030:Cut greenhouse gas emissions intensity of its GDP by 33-35% (vs 2005 levels).Increase non-fossil fuel-based power capacity to 40%.Create an additional ‘carbon sink’ of 2.5-3 billion tonnes…


How Mount Everest got 3 feet higher, endorsed by both Nepal and China

Mount Everest got 3 feet higherApprox Read Time: 4 min In News: Nepal and China have jointly certified the height of Mount Everest to be 8848.86 meters (29,031 feet) above sea level, which is 86 cm higher than what has been recognized since 1954. News Summary: Mount Everest got 3 feet higher Nepal and China have come to a mutual understanding on the height of Mount Everest, ending a long…


Native squirrel could vanish from NE after 2050

Malayan Giant SquirrelApprox Read Time: 4 min In News: The Malayan Giant Squirrel, found in the forests of India’s Northeast, may soon disappear, as per a study by the Zoological Survey of India (ZSI). News Summary: The Malayan Giant Squirrel, found in the forests of India’s Northeast, may soon disappear, as per a study by the Zoological Survey of India (ZSI).The population of the squirrel in India declined by 30 per cent…


Cyclone Nivar makes landfall

NIVAR CycloneApprox Read Time: 3 min In News: NIVAR Cyclone made a landfall 30 km north of Puducherry and 115 km south of Chennai on the night of 25th November.The Indian Meteorological Department (IMD) said that the tropical storm has weakened from a 'Very Severe Cyclonic Storm' to a 'Severe Cyclonic Storm' with a wind speed of 100-110 km per hour,As per IMD predictions, it would continue to move northwestwards and weaken…


Editorial Analysis: Sustainable agriculture: Incentivise ecosystem services

Sustainable AgricultureApprox Read Time: 5 min Sustainable Agriculture Farm subsidies in India driving agriculture: Ever since the beginning of the Green Revolution in the mid-1960s, India has been supporting its farmers through input subsidies and minimum support prices of important crops.In 2018-19, the farm subsidy bill amounted to Rs 2.56 lakh crore, which is equal to about 8.5% of the agricultural GDP (or about Rs 18,000 per hectare of the…


Editorial Analysis: The biofuel alternative to farm fires

Biofuel - An alternative to farm firesApprox Read Time: 6 min The biofuel Stubble burning and pollution: Every September and October, the issue of stubble burning and air pollution in the NCR comes to the forefront.As it gets sensationalized every year during this period, the emphasis seems to be on instant solutions. The issue of stubble: Paddy stubble poses major challenges in north India, as the quantity is huge and there is…