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Singapore’s hawkers gets recognised by UNESCO

Intangible Cultural HeritageApprox Read Time: 4 min In News: Singapore’s street hawker food culture has been designated as 'Intangible Cultural Heritage' by the UNESCO.Hawker culture refers to the community of vendors who cook and sell meals in the 114 hawker centres across Singapore. News Summary: Singapore’s street hawker food culture, one of its most popular attractions, has been designated as 'Intangible Cultural Heritage' by the UNESCO.The award took place at a virtual…


Cairn wins arbitration ruling against India in tax dispute

The Permanent Court of ArbitrationApprox Read Time: 5 min In News: The Permanent Court of Arbitration (PCA) at The Hague has ruled that the Indian government was wrong in applying retrospective tax on Cairn Energy Plc.This is the second ruling against the Indian government at international tribunals over the retrospective tax issue in three months.In September, 2020, a separate international arbitration tribunal had ruled against India’s decision to levy (impose) retrospective taxes on…


New Parliament building will reflect India’s aspirations: Modi

New Parliament buildingApprox Read Time: 4 min In News: The Indian Prime Minister held the ground-breaking ceremony for the new Parliament building.The old building, which was built nearly 100 years ago, will be turned into a museum. New Parliament building Significance of the new building: The Prime Minister said the new building would channel and reflect the aspirations of 21st century India.He noted that the Indian Constitution was framed and adopted in…


How Mount Everest got 3 feet higher, endorsed by both Nepal and China

Mount Everest got 3 feet higherApprox Read Time: 4 min In News: Nepal and China have jointly certified the height of Mount Everest to be 8848.86 meters (29,031 feet) above sea level, which is 86 cm higher than what has been recognized since 1954. News Summary: Mount Everest got 3 feet higher Nepal and China have come to a mutual understanding on the height of Mount Everest, ending a long…


HelpAge India presented UN Population Award for 2020

HelpAge IndiaApprox Read Time: 2 min In News:  NGO HelpAge India has received the 2020 UN Population Award for its work regarding the welfare of elderly people. New Summary: The ceremony to give the 'UN Population Award 2020' was virtually held in the UN’s New York Office.The awardees were:Individual category: Bhutan’s Queen Mother Gyalyum Sangay Choden Wangchuck for her work on sexual health and ending gender violence and for founding a volunteer…


Heart disease behind 16% of global deaths in 2019: WHO report

2019 Global Health EstimatesApprox Read Time: 4 min In News: The World Health Organization recently released the 2019 Global Health Estimates. WHO 2019 Global Health Estimates: The report gives comprehensive data for population health, including life expectancy, mortality and morbidity, and burden of disease at global, regional and country levels.The report gives trends for more than 160 diseases and injuries annually from 2000 to 2019. Morbidity refers to a situation where a person has a disease and mortality refers…


Home Minister pays homage to Khudiram Bose

Khudiram BoseApprox Read Time: 2 min Khudiram Bose In News: The Union Home Minister visited the native village in West Bengal of Khudiram Bose, one of the youngest leaders of the Independence movement. About: Khudiram Bose Khudiram Bose was born in 1889, in a small village in Medinipur district of West Bengal.He is one of the youngest revolutionaries of the Indian freedom struggle.Khudiram Bose is highly regarded in Bengal for his…


Who are the Tharu tribals of the UP terai whose home and land the govt wants to open to tourists

Tharu Tribals of UP teraiApprox Read Time: 4 min Tharu Tribals of UP terai In News: The Uttar Pradesh government is working on a scheme to take the unique culture of its ethnic Tharu tribe across the world. News Summary: Tharus are the biggest tribe in the state of Uttar Pradesh (UP).Recently, the UP government also launched a "Tharu Arts and Crafts Complex" in Dudhwa, Lakhimpur district with a museum…