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Extra Bytes: (Ranitidine may cause Cancer)

Ranitidine may have impurity that can cause cancer - (Ranitidine may cause Cancer)Approx Read Time: 3 minutes In News: The Indian drug regulator has ordered an investigation into the popular anti-acidity drug Ranitidine for the possible presence of an impurity that may cause cancer. In response, some pharmaceutical majors in India have suspended sales of the product worldwide, and some other countries have ordered recalls of the product. The move…


Tech Bytes: (Right to be Forgotten)

‘Right to be forgotten’ on the Internet - (Right to be Forgotten) Approx Read Time: 4 minutes In News: (Right to be Forgotten) The EU's top court has ruled that Google does not have to apply the right to be forgotten globally. It means the firm only needs to remove links from its search results in Europe, and not elsewhere, after receiving an appropriate request. The ruling stems from a…


Tech Bytes: (Quantum supremacy)

What is ‘quantum supremacy’? Approx Read Time: 5 minutes  In News: Tech websites and theoretical Computer science outlets were aflame earlier this week after a story in the U.K. based Financial Times said Google had claimed to have achieved ‘quantum supremacy’. In a line, it means that researchers at Google had solved a really difficult problem in seconds with the help of quantum computers which a supercomputer could not. The…


Science Bytes: (Habitable Exoplanet)

Published on 14-Sept-2019 - Habitable Exoplanet Water found in atmosphere of "Habitable Exoplanet" Approx Read Time: 4 minutes In News: Water has been discovered for the first time in the atmosphere of an exoplanet with earthlike temperatures that could support life. News Summary: Eight times the mass of earth and twice as big, "K218b" orbits in its star’s “habitable zone” at a distance, neither too far nor too close ,…


Environmental Concerns: (Ethanol)

Published on 04-Sept-2019 - Ethanol Revision of Ethanol Price Approx Read Time: 7 minutes In News: Cabinet approves Mechanism Revision of ethanol price for supply to Public Sector Oil Marketing Companies for procurement of ethanol w.e.f. (with effect from) December’19 for one year period.The Cabinet Committee on Economic Affairs (CCEA), chaired by PM Narendra Modi has given its approval for the different prices, including fixing higher ethanol price derived from…


Trending Tech: (Electric Vehicles)

Published on 02-Sept-2019 – Electric Vehicles Electric Vehicles: India’s StandApprox Read Time: 5 minutes In News: The think-tank NITI Aayog, in May this year, proposed to ban the sale of all internal combustion engine (ICE) powered three-wheelers post-March 2023. It also suggested that all new two-wheelers below 150cc sold after March 2025 should be electric. However, the automobile industry had objected to the think-tank’s proposal and called for a practical…


Science Alerts: (Gaganyaan)

Published on 30-Aug-2019 - Gaganyaan GAGANYAAN Approx Read Time: 4 minutes Russia will select and train four Indian astronauts out of the 12 India will send to the country for intense training in order to prepare them for India’s Gaganyaan mission, scheduled for launch by early 2022. About: Gaganyaan Mission Expenditure: Gaganyaan Mission, will carry Indian astronaut to space in 2022.India will send at least three Indians to space for…


Science and Technology: (Oxytocin Ban)

Published on 24-Aug-2019 – Oxytocin Ban Ban on OxytocinApprox Read Time: 4 minutes About Oxytocin: Oxytocin is a uterine stimulant hormone, secreted by pituitary glands of mammals naturally. It activates during activities like sex, childbirth, and lactation.It is also called as “Love Hormone”. It is used to abort the foetus in cases of miscarriage. It is chemically synthesized and then sold by pharmaceutical companies as a drug. Importance of Oxytocin:…