New Parliament building will reflect India’s aspirations: Modi

New Parliament building

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In News:

  • The Indian Prime Minister held the ground-breaking ceremony for the new Parliament building.
  • The old building, which was built nearly 100 years ago, will be turned into a museum.
New Parliament building
New Parliament building

Significance of the new building:

  • The Prime Minister said the new building would channel and reflect the aspirations of 21st century India.
  • He noted that the Indian Constitution was framed and adopted in the current Parliament building and it is the repository of much of our democratic legacy.
  • Noting that the building is old, and not fit enough to meet the needs of the day, even with refitting, Modi said “even the building requires rest
  • He said the new building will be the amalgamation of the new and the ancient, and reflects also the spirit of fostering change in oneself adapting to changing circumstances. 
  • He said if the old Parliament House gave direction to post-independence India, the new building would become a witness to the making of a ‘AtmaNirbhar Bharat.’
  • He said that work was done to fulfill the needs of the country in the old Parliament House, and now the aspirations of 21st century India will be fulfilled in the new building.

Indian democracy:

  • The Prime Minister remarked that democracy elsewhere is about election procedures, governance and administration. But democracy in India is about life values, it is the way of life and the soul of a nation.
  • He added India’s democracy is a system developed through centuries of experience. There is also a life mantra, an element of life as well as a system of order in the democracy in India.
  • He said it is India’s democratic strength that is giving new energy to the development of the country and giving new faith to its countrymen.
  • He said democracy in India is constantly being renewed every year and it is seen that voter turnout is increasing with every election.
  • The Prime Minister remarked that democracy in India has always been a means of resolving differences along with governance. Different views, different perspectives empower a vibrant democracy.
  • He said our democracy has moved forward with the goal that there is always room for differences so long as it is not entirely disconnected from the process.

Spirit of optimism:

  • Mr. Modi called upon MPs to keep the spirit of optimism alive around democracy by being always accountable to people and the Constitution.
  • Speaking about the importance of conversation and dialogue in the spirit of democracy, he quoted Guru Nanak Devji:as long as the world exists, conversations must continue”.
  • He said that, while there could be disagreements, there cannot be space for disconnect.

About: New Parliament Building

  • The New Parliament Building will be modern, state-of-the-art, earthquake-proof and energy efficient, and will be next to the old Parliament building.
  • The national emblem will crown the new parliament.
  • It will have Lok Sabha Secretariat and Rajya Sabha Secretariats. Most of the complex will have four floors, and each floor will have offices of ministers and committee rooms. 
  • The new parliament will also be fully wheelchair- and disabled-access friendly.
  • Dholpur stone will be the primary construction material (as it was with the current building).
  • The interiors of the new building will showcase a rich blend of Indian culture and diversity of our regional arts, crafts, textiles and architecture.
  • The project is expected to be completed by 2022, with the 2022 winter session planned to be held in the new building.
  • The Architect Bimal Patel said the triangular shape of the new parliament was a reference to “sacred geometries in various religions and cultures of India”.
  • The building will be equipped with modern audio-visual communication systems.
  • Within the Lok Sabha and Rajya Sabha halls, special provisions will be made for smart displays and biometrics to make voting easier and safe.
  • The technological improvements will include language interpretation facilities and programmable microphones – which will give the Speaker more control in managing the House.
  • Virtual sound simulations will help set the right levels of reverberation and limit echo and voice feedback.
Larger chambers:
  • The new Lok Sabha and Rajya Sabha halls will have increased seating capacities (888 and 384 seats, respectively).
  • This is in anticipation of an expanded Parliament, with a 25-year-old freeze on increasing state-wise distribution of seats ending in 2026.
  • In addition, seating in the Lok Sabha hall can be expanded to 1,272 to host joint sessions.
  • The Lok Sabha chamber design will have the national bird (peacock) as the theme.
  • The Rajya Sabha chamber will have the national flower (lotus) as the theme.
  • The central lounge was designed with the theme of the national tree (banyan).

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